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accomplished professionals teaching you how to feed yourself for life

XtraMile Training and Development





Yeiry Goldfinger has more than twenty years experience in sales, marketing and advertising in both the retail and B2B markets. She started down the path of entrepreneurship and business owner when she opened her first business in Venezuela in 2002 and successfully ran the company prior to emigrating to the U.S. in 2007. As both life partner and business partner to our Founder, Yeiry handles most of the day-to-day operations while Jeff concentrates on customer fulfillment and satisfaction.



Company Founder / Educator

Jeff Goldfinger’s aerospace & defense career spans more than three decades. While on active duty in the military, he taught at some of their most prestigious institutions including the Naval Strike & Air Warfare Center and Naval Postgraduate School earning high praise as an educator and presenter. While in industry, he has been an invited speaker for conferences, symposia and short courses held on five of the seven continents. He founded Xtra Mile Training in 2013 to pursue his passion for teaching and helping others “learn how to fish so they can feed themselves for life.” Click for a detailed bio.

"We are about creating a new way of being that restores the human connection."