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putting the H2H in B2B

Public Speaking Topics



Doubling Your Win Rate with Neuroeconomics

Annual surveys of the GovCon industry report average competitive win rates between 30 – 35%. Using the proven science of neuroeconomics, our company’s founder has been able to achieve an 82% win rate and 91% win value. This talk provides a brief introduction to applying this uncommon framework to complex B2B and B2G sales.

Chemical Warfare for Competitive Proposals

A brief overview of four key neurotransmitters that play a vital role in human buying decisions and how to ethically manipulate the production of these brain chemicals in a reader’s mind during proposal evaluation.

Trust your “EARS”

Zig Ziglar often said: “If people like you they’ll listen to you, but only if they trust you will they do business with you.” Commonly, trust is assumed to be a permanent, moral, character trait. In this uncommon perspective of trust, we’ll expose four, domain-specific, observable attributes (using the mnemonic EARS) that can help you build and rebuild broken trust more ethically and effectively.

Catering to the “LEFT”

Having nothing to do with politics, this module introduces how to rapidly assess the four basic behavioral types of customers (using the mnemonic LEFT) in order to design more compelling oral presentations and written proposals.

What Customers won’t tell you about the Procurement Game

The Government contracting business is purposefully designed to be a fully transparent, “arms-length” transaction. As such, it has very strict rules for playing the game which you must know to be merely competitive. If you want to “outcompete” then you need to know how Masters of the Game are truly playing it. This talk compares the stated purpose of each stage of the procurement cycle with the less transparent un-stated objective.

Be sure to “SPIE” on your Customers

Our interpretation of complex sales (whether B2B, B2G or G2G) is that Customers aren’t really buying your product or service. Rather, they’re buying into a human-to-human (H2H) relationship that relies on H2Hrelationship each other’s commitments to take care of each other’s concerns. Therefore, it’s the relationship that matters more than the “thing.” This talk covers our evolutionary disposition to four easily observable attributes (using the mnemonic SPIE) that are crucial to building more effective H2H relationships.


Speaker’s Bio: Jeff Goldfinger is a retired U.S. Navy Flight Officer who spent his final years in service as a DoD Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) on multiple programs. In industry, Jeff has held roles in program management, ITAR Sales, business development and business unit leadership. Participating or leading capture teams that have won more than $1.9Bn of new business, he has amassed a win rate for his customers more than twice the industry average. As an educator, Jeff has taught classes from vocational to post graduate level for thousands of students and has been an invited speaker at industry conferences in nine countries on four continents.

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